when the teacher asks you for homework but you forgot it at homeimage

when your crush asks you who you likeimage

when your parents come home and you didn’t do the choresimage

when youre in a long car ride but have to peeimage

when the singing stops but the music continues so the camera zooms into your face

Anonymous asked: could you give me a winter-y/christmas-y music playlist that's not christmas music? im just having trouble finding music for like just a day of sitting near a fireplace, drinking, and relaxing without the music being christmas-y


yeah no i know what youre talking about! i love christmas music a lot but idk i guess here are some songs that you can listen to on a chill day:

I’ll Try Anything At Once - the Strokes
Ceilings - Local Natives
Knife - Grizzly Bear
Take These Thoughts - Chris and Thomas
Sunrise Sunset - We Are Tress
The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
Kids - Lady Danville (the mgmt cover)
O Children - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Milk - Sea Oleena
Night Time - the xx
Past and Pending - the Shins
Daylight - Ron Pope
Bloom - the Paper Kites
Sloom - of Monsters and Men
As Lies Go…This One is Beautiful - Matt Pryor
The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin
The District Sleeps Tonight - Birdy (the postal service cover)
Rainy Zurich - the Fray
Holocene - Bon Iver
Blindsided - Bon Iver
Hothouse - 78violet

those are some in my lil “relaxing” playlist on iTunes. i like those songs a lot i hope that helped!! if you want more just feel free to ask! have a good day, stay warm and drink tons of hot chocolate!! c:

just-my-own-blog asked: Hey could you give me a shoutout please i know this is annoying but im a New (okay maybe Not so New anymore) style blog and my blog is for girls that like to have a very Classic Lauren Conrad ore Spencer hastings Kind of style Thank you very much


marinadiamondstyle asked: HI! I'm a new style blog for Marina and the Diamonds and I'll be posting exact clothing items, looks for less, and inspired outfits! if you let your followers know about me, I'll add you to my "other blogs" tab! ♡